School Update

Alright, I’ve been typing in English all day, so why not just carry on πŸ˜‰
Please comment on this post if you just want it back in dutch…

So, first my apologies… I lied…Β  In my blogpost here is said I was going to post this update on wednesday (yesterday).
But hey, it’s here, you’ve got it πŸ˜‰

1. Multimedia 6 – 3D visualization
So, I’m in my 6th semester (that’s 2nd bachelor, last semester). And for multimedia 6, we where given the task to create something in OpenGL.
And I decided to work together with Rag again.

And this is what we made:


An “Artesis”-inspired race game…

Oke, it’s pretty lame… But it does something and it works…

We’ve got some basic things: objects, Artesis-textures, light, movement and text 😈
Rag was working on collission detection, but this is still pretty unfinished…

2. Bachelor Thesis
So… Last year of my bachelor… So I have to make a bachelor thesis πŸ™‚

Currently, we have in our school 2 research groups. (more information here)

At the beginning of the semester we could send in a motivational letter, and based on this letter we were selected for one of these 2 reserach group. I applied for AMMI, but either way, the put me in AMBIT. And hey! I wasn’t very happy about that… After my first meeting, I could laugh again πŸ˜€ They put me in a nice group, with a nice handfull of people, and a nice assignment. From now on, I was part of the LocON group 😈

I worked together with Maarten GabriΓ«ls for a couple of weeks, to create something that’s called the LocON Platform Simulator. And it has only 1 purpose: simulate objects in space and time (I like the way that sounds 😎 )

And now it’s finished!

Result can be seen here.


Also, basic rule from Artesis, we should make a portfolio πŸ™‚
And that portfolio is hosted here, on . :mrgreen:

TakeΒ  a look at it, let me know if you like it πŸ˜‰

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  1. psst, psst, ge moogt da ni zo laten opvallen da je geen collision detection hebt ^^

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