Cycling through Flanders

So I went cycling with some of my good friends.
I thought I could use some movement in my pretty non-sportive life ğŸ˜Ž

We decided to make a trip towards the sea (northsea here in Belgium). And this in 5 days. We made use of this great site which contains all official routes through flanders.

  • One day between our start in antwerp and the first pit-stop in zegelgem.
  • A second day to get from zegelsem to westende @ sea @ camping albatros (where we payed 30€/night, wtf?)
  • One day doing completely nothing, only sitting in the sun 😉
  • Going back home, pause in wachtebeke @ domein puyenbroeck
    which was REALLY a good idea – free swimming pool!
  • Back home! (in the rain)

My little review: I was death when I came home, but I was satisfied 🙂 It was a great 5-days trip! I’m not really concidering doing it again at the moment, next time I’ll probably make use of a great invention named “automobile”

And I’m still waiting for some pictures, but I’m shure they’ll come 🙂


Het leven is een wervelstorm,
hier in… Duckstad.
Auto’s, lazers, vliegmachines…
bliksems, t’is waat!
Dappere helden…
Trekken te velde in…
Ducktales… oohoe!
Iedere keer beleef je hem weer in Ducktales! Oohoe!
Alles wat je droomt gebeurt in Ducktales!

Soms wordt je in het nauw gedreven,
Moet je rennen voor je leven,
Hou je dan maar stevig vast aan Ducktales! Oohoe!

Je hoort en ziet vanalles in die Ducktales! Oohoe!

Stort je in het avontuur met Ducktales!

Ja, elke week geniet je weer van Ducktales! Oohoe!


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