iTunes – Global Hotkeys

When I bought my iPod a couple of years ago I was pretty much forced to use Apple’s mediaplayer iTunes. Not that big of a deal.

One of the great “missing”, comparing to other media players, is the use of “Global Hotkeys”. For example using WinAmp and you’re browsing the internet, you can still skip a song while browsing with a keyboard combination… When you use iTunes, you have to switch to the application itself and press next (or use a keyboard shortcut). You cant use a combo when you don’t have focus on iTunes…

And that’s a shame…

The last couple of years I solved this issue with a little program called extray, but I don’t like a lot of exe’s running on my computer…

And one beautiful day someone wrote a plugin 😀
iTunes Global Hotkeys Plugin

You download the executable, install it, configure it and use it 😎

Configuration is done by holding “ctrl, shift and p”. Then the config-file will appear.

Note the “comment” tags… Which I didn’t saw… Only after 2 hours of trying to configure it I noticed them… Lame…

But now it works… And it works good!

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  1. Cris zei:

    I’m so glad to hear that someone else like this plugin. Indeed is very useful :).

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