Did you know one of the constraints of having a CPU ticking at higher clockspeeds is a problem caused by its interconnects?
Its limited because an electronic signal just cannot move across a cable fast enough, when cables are placed to close to each other they introduce noise, and the signal degrades over distance. (url)

So IBM, Intel and other research groups are looking for a solution! And apparently they found it in the light! Literally! 😎

The use of optical interconnects is the future. Nowadays it use lies mostly in networking appliances. But research groups are trying to miniaturize the needed lasers, and detectors (url).
The need for these optical connections to replace the classic copper lines on your motherboard, and even inside a cpu.

So the future enlightens our computer, bandwidths up to 100 times higher, and latencies 10 times lower as current technologies allow 🙂
It dissipates almost no heat, has no crosstalk, multiple beams can co-exist,

Another nice thingy: components are not forced to be placed next to each other any more: one of the reasons RAM on a motherboard is so close to the CPU is the latency, now you can place your banks like 10 meters out of each other and still have faster responses then copper can provide 😈

This post is just for your information, details can be wrong, it’s just an insight 🙂 more information on this topic on on ieee, physorg and many many many others 🙂


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