The power of social media!

Social media is something cool. Nowadays, the “new” and the “buzz” around this topic is pretty worn off, but it’s growth in power has only just begun.

You can do magnificent things with social media: twitter, facebook and others. Like for example, a dude I know had an idea of transforming the New York Time Square into an art gallery using the available advertising boards. It started as a joke, ended up on twitter and facebook, and now he already had real life contacts with the companies behind time square, has been on the radio, and has appeared in the classic media! 😎 Which is pretty nice!

Another example is Youp van’t Hek, a Dutch stand-up comedian. He couldn’t coop with the fact T-Mobile (a mobile phone carrier) wouldn’t help him on the phone, so he twittered (if that’s a verb ^^) something about it, and he got contacted by someone of T-Mobile ensuring him he will be helped right away, just because he was a famous person 😀 Youp wasn’t really pleased and started an action against servicedesk everywhere.

I  have my own story, from a waaay back, against iBood. I bought a hard disk, but apparently it was a rebranded version of that specific hard disk, which normally shouldn’t have ended up at my door. (whole story here) To cut a long story short: it ended up by getting real good help from iBood :mrgreen:

But, and that’s where I’m going with this post, today it happened again 😎

I’ve had a pretty big question for dommel/schedom-europe, my ISP, about whether it was possible to send an email using their outgoing smpt-server (which is possible when you are specifically on the dommel network, but is not accessible from for example telenet or mobile vikings networks). Anyway, I sent that mail 10 days ago, and I still haven’t got any answer… I’ve worked on a servicedesk myself a couple of months, but when I let an incoming mail unhandled for 10 days, I would have a really big problem 😆
By chance today, dommel sent a notification around on facebook with some hours their servicedesk was going to be opened in these holidays. So I publically commented on their facebook why I still hadn’t got any answer for my mail. And hey, 10 minutes later I had a reaction someone was going to look at it tomorrow ^^


Disclaimer: I really like dommel, they have a great deal, I never had any problem on their network, no network downtime or whatsoever… I even recommend it quite sometimes! Only their servicedesk is slow 🙂 Already had this problem a couple of times actually…


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