First of all: white is not white. White is an idea in your head of what white should be…
You also have something called “the temperature of colour”. It’s even something different of saturation and stuff… For the entire explanation I forward you towards wikipedia 😉

Now the main idea of colour is that at broad daylight, it’s temperature is “colder”, and at dusk it becomes “warmer”.

Now, a computerscreen/monitor/screen just shows what the operating tells it to show. It doesn’t change during day. And maybe, when you sit a lot in front of a computer screen like I do, you have already noticed that the screen becomes “brighter” when it becomes dark in your surrounding… This is because of this temperature that doesn’t change. Our human nature expects the colours of everything around you to slowely increase in temperature, but a screen does not do this  :mrgreen: Untill now ^^

The guys from Stereopsis created a programme, ofc, named f.lux. This piece of software makes your computer adjust itself to the time of the day :mrgreen: Try it yourself, at daytime you won’t notice it… But it’s warmer at night… It, from my own experience, gives in fact a more natural look at night… (instead of the blue shine, everything is more… yellow 🙂 )

night: without flux - with flux

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  1. Allemaal leuk enzo, maar voor fotografen is dit een nachtmerrie :mrgreen:

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