Jej, Indie games!

I got to know Eufloria when it was still called Dyson. It was featured somewhere, don’t know exactly where, perhaps PC Gameplay or something…
Anyway, I downloaded the game (still then it was still open beta, 0.5 or something ^^)

And I just liked it from start

The game is about seeds, which you can control. These seeds are grown on threes, and can attack other planets with enemy seeds on it. And on the other side you can create trees by spending 10 seeds

A nice thing on the game is that it’s completely procedural: everything is generated “on the spot”, so no level is ever the same.

So I bought this game a while ago at the steam holiday sales, together with some other great indy games (darwinia, defqon, and 2 others) :mrgreen:

Isnice! 🙂

Aah, just play it 🙂


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