Firefox 4 beta 10

Mendel has been a firefox fan for a decade! Pretty much literally! When Firefox 1.0 was released in 2004, I became a first row user ^^ And now, 7 years laters, the Mozilla Foundation is preparing their 4.0 release!

After a friend of mine installed beta 9, I was tempted into installing it as well ^^

Already arrived at beta 10! And this is how it looks like:

Pretty neat new look, complete integration with aero glass, the tabs are moved up (like google chrome), and some more little ui-tweakers. The now have “tab groups”, and some other things… :mrgreen:
Startup speed also increased a little bit.

Most of my plugins kept working, settings are still the same, same bookmarks, etc,…

And the beta program adds some “extra debug options”. Like this one:

It just displays the amount of memory Firefox uses and the amount of open tabs. It’s a pretty big memory hog, but firefox uses the system ram in an “intelligent” way by releasing and prefetching wat it needs. Just like SuperFetch from Windows itself ^^

At this very own moment it uses 350MB of ram, with only 2 tabs open… One can say this is waaay to much, but I prefer my software to use the ram available on an intellingent manner :mrgreen:
Why the hell would you want to have 2000MB of ram doing absolutely nothing when it’s there? ^^

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  1. Mitch De Coster zei:

    I like it! Ondertussen al beta 12

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