Dommel’s security measures…

So, for my studies I currently live (part-time) in Ghent (yes, still belgium :mrgreen: )

Anyway, over there I’m provided with internet by the “yellow fish” provider: Telenet.
At home, the “green frog” Dommel provides me with my precious internet 😎

Now, of course I have a mailbox at dommel (hey, why not? 🙂 ) with some corresponding mailadresses =)

I’m also an avid Outlook user, which just gets my mail and presents it in one centralized place.

But Dommel killed my way of living… 😕

Apparently you can’t connect to their outgoing smtp server outside the dommel network, and because I’m at a telenet network here, I can’t send mails using the “” extention…
All incoming mails are no problem 😎

Just a little test:

“telnet 25” works flawless…

same telnet to fails… 😉

tunneling all my internet trafic over a vpn to my router @ home

and trying again…

aaargh, the bastards 👿


apparently their newsserver as well… 😕

bad luck 😯

2 reacties
    • Bwa, alles werkt als ge er lang genoeg mee voost =)
      Maar om nu alles over men vpn te tunnele (ook men regulier internetverkeer hier) vind ik een beetje belachelijk aangezien ik thuis ocharme maar nen halve megabit upload heb…

      Dusjah, nu gebruik ik den uitgaanden mailserver van telenet om te versturen, lol :-p

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