WP7 – Some remarks

Nice things:

  • speed, the entire OS is sooo fast ❤
  • browser, which is a pretty decent one
  • it IS easy to create apps, love c#!
  • some (quality) apps & games
  • fancy effects 8)
  • it works, hasn’t crashed yet! 18 days uptime
  • wonderful synchronisation with hotmail & live services

WP7 is a leap forward, but there is always a lot of comment and missing things.
Know your weaknesses!

  • decent copy paste, when you paste something it is of your clipboard. Gone, ciao, weg, verschwunden… Keep it there until I overwrite it, please!
  • decent messenger/skype/fim => in upcoming mango update due to lack of sockets in current build
  • wake on lan => same reason
  • no file transfer over bluetooth? wtf?
  • not saving of the camera options, “it’s not a bug – it’s a feature” my *ss… 😀
  • when you unlock the phone by pressing the camera button a couple of seconds, and it’s back to menu, it’s basically completely unlocked… Had this once in my pocket… So let the device check whether it’s unlocked by camera or by unlock screen. And if it was the camera-button that unlocked it, don’t let it return to the menu 😉
  • regular backup possibilities (like the backup made after the nodo-update, but regular 😆 )
  • save files with unknown extensions? come on! can’t even save pdf documents or random extensions 😛
  • file browser – thx homebrew apps for fixing this 😎
  • registery editor – same

Now, a couple of the mentions above are going to be solved in the upcoming “mango”-update. So let’s hope it becomes available quickly 😎 (September?  😕 )

Another suggestion:

  • shortcuts of, perhaps, 4 most used apps?! 🙂

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