The Unthinkable

Sounds like a great film, don’t you think? =)

But no… After almost 5 years of happiness, love, fun, professionalism, courage and determination she stopped…
Suddenly, out of the nothing…
As a thunderstruck through all of our hearts…
The poor thing’s spirit has passed away…

But no tears are rolling.
Improve for the better, that’s what we fill our minds with, a last  spark of hope…
Future is near…

So, what really happend is that my computer exploded 🙂
Yep, an explosion. Including the “bigbang” and some  smoke…

Terryfing at that moment, even more now…

After a quick first check, it’s probably a capacitor in my power supply that got tired of its hard labour…
Imaginably, 5 years, and a whooole lot of working-hours =)

probably one of these...


Not really much to see with the eye, but probably the left capacitor on the first image (it seems its the source of all the smell…).

No external damage whatsoever. Which is, at my believe, pretty odd… But “meh”… 😛

A friend of mine is borroing me his power supply, so we’ll find out in a couple of days 🙂

Keep you posted!

ripped from the belly of the beast

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