What is belgium…

To summarize, Belgium is…

  • a young nation (1830) overrun in the past by the Spanish, the French, the Austrians, the Dutch and the Germans.
  • a melting pot of cultures straddling the boundary between the Germanic and Latin worlds.
  • 6 million Flemings, 3.5 million Walloons, and 1 million inhabitants of Brussels.
  • 0.02% of the earth’s surface and 0.16% of the world population.
  • 30,528 km² in surface area.
  • bordered by France, the Netherlands, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Germany.
  • flat, with the Signal de Botrange (694 meters) in the High Fens as its highest point.

Thx to Belgian Beer Cafe

2 reacties
  1. You forgot the German speaking population and the changes to the borders made after the 2° World War, which makes it even a much younger country than 1830.
    The flatness of Belgium is less than Holland. Being part of the Low Countries it is more slanted and some parts are beautifully hilly. (Though never can compete with the English South Downs).

  2. mendel129 zei:

    You shouldn’t take it to serious 😛

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