Jeah, it contains prefabricated sms-messages :mrgreen:

Because my previous “reloader” app was denied from the marketplace because of some weird reasons… (promoting other mobile providers) I build around this issue…

The results is PrefabSMS.

It’s an application in which you can store sms-messages, and afterwards send them with one click of a button 🙂

So, you can create a messages, let’s say “sim topup 15”, to be send to a receiving side, lets say “8989”, and you can save this in PrefabSMS 🙂

Ofcourse you can use it for other things as wel, sending “<3” to your girlfriend or “spam” to random people ^^

Some usefull numbers and messages:


2 reacties
  1. Herman zei:

    I do realize that I’m linking a question to an old message but does anybody have an idea why SMS “DL” to 4884 for De Lijn would not work on my Lumia? I get the reply “Can’t send message” Try again”. I tried DL; Dl; dl. Nothing works. The busdriver told me other people paid via SMS that same day. Thanks, Herman

    • mendel129 zei:

      Hey Herman, personally I have no clue… As an old saying: try rebooting your phone 🙂 I know I’ve seen some weird issues with “internal assist” turned on. Try turning it of? Can you never send text’s to 4884, or only that day?

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