Something stupid

Something stupid as “airflow”.
Aka the route the air takes trough the case of your computer.

So I have a desk in front of me (yep, true story! 😎 )
And it surrounds my desktop computer on 5 sides, and it becomes pretty hot in there sometimes.

There is only 1 way the air can go in (or out), and that’s from the front side.

So I was thinking, which would be the best way to cool my computer.
And of course there are 2 options you can do in the front:

  1. sucking fresh air in
  2. blow hot air out

Some results:

blue: sucking, red: blowing

blue: sucking, red: blowing








So, it actually not that much of a difference… Take like 2 or 3 degrees on an average of 50 degrees under load…

But hey! It’s something, right? :p



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