what WILL they find

lets’s have a look…

200gb, mostely livesets and podcasts
100gb on pictures about everyone and everything (even more footage than on my picasa ofcourse…)
another 100gb on virtual machines (linux, backtrack, even solaris, macosx, windows server)
250gb on random shit I never use… (mostly downloaded installers, saved documents and schoolstuff)
200gb on windows 7 and windows 8 installations…

So, basically nothing…

The most important things: my pictures, my music, my passwords, and a folder of “soup_todo” 🙂

There are of course more hidden things =)
Bad thoughts of mine…
But you’ll probably never find them, they will only appear when the world comes to an end 🙂

2 reacties
  1. Phillip zei:

    What kind of hidden things ? Prn ? 😀

    There is btw not much special to find on my computer : ) . No realy hidden stuff in fact, too lazy to do so;

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