Why hiding yourself on the internet…

The internet is a strange place…
People see each other in a different way…
This because (in my eyes) the concept of “context” is gone.
When you see something on an image, on a blog or on a random site, you have to create the context yourself.
And in the end, there is no other way…
The only information you’ve got is the media you’ve got in front of you.

Let’s take an example of facebook.
When you are looking at someone’s profile, and maybe he is kissing some other girl, this can mean 10000 things.

  1. he has a girlfriend
  2. he lost a bet
  3. it was a challenge
  4. maybe she asked him to kiss her
  5. who knows?

But when you see this image, you’ll probably just go for the first option.

The Belgian television station VTM broadcasted an episode of telefacts, talking about the subject of Facebook and how recruitment agencies use it to “check” their applicants.

This made me think about the previously mentioned “absence of context on the internet”.

The example was the ceo of some Belgian company. He tracked an applicant down on facebook. The person here liked a specific joke. (this one). And the guy’s resume was forwarded to /dev/null… (the recycle bin ^^)

I think that’s a shame…

Personally, when I first saw the cartoon in HUMO magazine, I just laughed for like 10 minutes. I think it’s a funny joke. Just the play with the word “waal”. This has absolutely nothing to do with the Walloons. It is EXACTLY the same humour we have about blondes, or the people of the Netherlands… This one is just a typical Jeroom joke…

So it’s a shame people look things in the wrong way…
But it’s all they have, because there is no context available…

So, because, back then, I was looking for a jobs,I COMPLETELY locked down my facebook and my soup… Because it’s true, soup isn’t always that clean…
And I didn’t want my employer to have a wrong idea of what goes on in my mind because of, once again, the absent of context...

Anyway, I just wanted to say: don’t actually believe yourself, don’t judge on the things you see on the internet, and try to think outside the box

What do you think?

Remark 1

in my personal defence: all the things put on soup are meant to be a joke. I think humour is the most important thing we have as a human, and it differentiates us from each other. You should be able to laugh with a funny cartoon of Mohammed, and it shouldn’t be a problem laughing with a blonde woman doing a stupid thing. These things are called “stereotypes”, and they exist because people laugh with it… Also for the record: I have 2000 hits per day, 80.000 unique hits per month. People that are able to laugh with jokes πŸ˜†
I had this discussion with an American, he actually didn’t understand most of the Belgian humour… And in the end, when you take a look at American stand up comedians, movies and other funny American things, I understand his issue not understanding us. Maybe we Belgian’s are to “sarcastic” in our jokes πŸ™‚

Remark 2

in defence of the “big Belgian company”: when of course the applicant only shows drunk images, jeah, then you’re right, and you don’t need to hire him πŸ™‚

4 reacties
  1. Phillip zei:

    Companies just do this to protect themselves. Imagine you’re a sales representative for a company in Brussels and you “like” that joke in public, image what the consequences are when a Walloon client finds out that the guy who has just sold a billion dollar contract is just laughing with you …
    Seriously, you won’t laugh when the Walloons do something similar.

    Anyway, if you do things on the internet, just remember that eventually, everybody can see everything and might be offended by it, so the best way to do it is by doing it anonymously !

    • mendel129 zei:

      I definitely CAN laugh with jokes about people from Antwerp, Flanders or the “Belgian jokes” from other countries.
      Don’t know about you? πŸ˜›

      • mendel129 zei:

        Sometimes, I think, it’s a shame we can’t all get along πŸ™‚

    • mendel129 zei:

      gij hebt trouwens een kei raar ip-adres πŸ˜›

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