After 2 days of incredible wishful thinking, googling the sh*t out of google, reading almost every forum in existing world (and the 2 other worlds), asking around, calling to god, we fixed it 🙂

When windows booted, the only thing you got was like the pictured above: a black screen with your cursor.

Aparantly, besides BSoD, Windows also suffers from something called KSoD.

It can be cause by different reasons: registry fucked up, malware, explorer.exe broken, window manager corrupt, other random corrupted files, broken ram, … We passed by A LOT of different causes in our search.

One says it’s solvable by editing a registry key, letting microsoft find explorer.exe again, other solutions include sfc/scannow, chkdsk c:\ /f, running a tool called prevx, even creating a batch-file for resetting the wdm service and let it run on startup…

Nothing seemed to work in the first place…

But as I already mentioned, we solved it.

The cure for this infamous disease was resetting the security permissions for the NTFS partition on the hard drive 🙂

This can be done manually in explorer as I did, or by using cacls from command line (included in windows).

So, for one reason or another, windows (or some malware) messed up the security permissions of the drive, resulting in not being able to start some services/applications on boot…

So, let’s share with the world how you can fix this, right? ^^


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