Win8 pt.2

So they cleaned up the mess.
I guess Microsoft now actually tried to run their previous release on a desktop computer, and they found out it sucked if you don’t have a touch interface 😛

So I actually revised my opinion of my latest blogpost about their new upcoming operating system.

It’s not that bad anymore!

I still don’t actually like it, but microsoft has put a great effort in making the “metro” interface usable with only a mouse and a keyboard.
For example, you can actually scroll horizontally 🙂 (wow, impressive, incredible, nice…)
The explorer windows windows has been cleaned up (the explorer ribbon is now  minimised by default)
And some more small improvements!

At least, it now feels as a working operating system.
The previous release did not…
The entire metro-aspect is still there, but not that overwhelming as before…

So, I’m looking forward to it!

My only handicap for this moment, my creative x-fi music doesn’t work (@creative: driverupgrade plz? 🙂 )

But there might be hope:

Quick install instructions:

Download Win8 b8400 x64 here.
Mount it with virtual clone drive (or whatever iso mounting software you prefer ^^ )
Create yourself a vhd in disk management and mount it
Download imagex (find it on the internet or download the entire waik and extract it from the\F3_imagex with 7zip)
Then run “imagex.exe /apply h:\sources\install.wim 1 g:\ ” in cmd with h:\ your mounted iso, and g:\ your mounted vhd
Afterwards you can add windows 8 to your bootloader using “bcdboot g:\Windows”.

Reboot and enjoy 🙂

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