Fuck you passwords :-)

It’s confronting, no?

Just a bunch of people with their according passwords in plaintext 🙂
(Last login dating from 2011-03-27 13:20:47)

It’s the result of a project of mine in 2007 from school. Apparently everyone creating an account on the website had full trust in me (even people I’ve never heard of)… Poor people 😛

Never trust something you don’t entirely know 🙂

“Secrets” will eventually spread: linkedin, last.fm, … ING?

If you follow me on twitter, you might have read my tweet about my leaked linkedin password.
Yep, it’s out there!
Go and find it! I still haven’t changed it 😎
(Challenge: the first one who can actually post something on my facebook wins a crate of beer!)

P.S.: A good trick to know if your password is stored in plaintext on a website: if you’re able to “recover” password when you’ve “forgotten” it: it’s plaintext…
When you have to reset it completely, it’s probably hashed 😉


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