So, it happened…
Microsoft slapped their users in the face. Again… 🙄

Apparently, if you buy a Windows Phone device today or tomorrow, you’re fucked…
If you bought a Windows Phone yesterday, you’re fucked as well…

Some guys in Redmond decided not to upgrade your phone to the new mobile operating system they presented today: Windows Phone 8.
So if you buy yourself a phone with the current wp7(.5) operating system on today, you’re immediately a dying race…

As compensation, they’re releasing something called WP7.8 (7 to 8).

This update brings the new start screen (and some other, non-disclosed features) to the current generation phones…

But this doesn’t compensate for the fact we’ll never see native apps (a feature in the new WP8 OS).
And yeah, native application development means A LOT, and we’re missing it (or we should buy a new phone…)

Microsoft did this with the change from windows mobile to wp7, and now again.

I do hate them for this…


Especially when apple announced to make IOS6 available for EVEN the 3gs…




Nevertheles: WP8 looks cool, but I’m not even considering buying a new phone for it…


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