1gb of legal music…

According to some providers in Belgium, you can’t download more than 200GB in 30 days legally…
Especially in my case, that’s not a good reason to put me on smallband… (yes, in belgium there’s something called “downloadlimiet”, a limit on the amount of data you can download from the internet…)

I was just browsing the web a bit tonight, and I stumbled upon some websites:

  • Arnej’s twitter account that links you to his free album – 238MB
  • Studio Brussel’s ibiza’s broadcast – 204MB
  • DJMag’s “top 100 DJ’s” of this year, which also gives away a free album. – 568MB

That’s about 1GB of music, completely free (and legal!)

Yesterday, because of my iTunes issue, I was forced to download a part of my podcasts again (about 10GB for only 2 subscriptions).

Not to mention the new release of W8 (iso+vhd), which is about 5GB each (x4)




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