Getting used of Windows 8

I’m getting used of it.  😎

I’ve bought myself a Crucial M4 two weeks ago, and took the opportunity to install a fresh copy of windows 8 on it. Installation itself took about 15 minutes, and is running ever since.

So anyway, the screenshot above gives a rough look how I use Windows 8.

Microsoft tries to push metro, but I’m just not using it :mrgreen:

I reinstalled most of my regular desktop application: firefox, itunes, windows media player (with ccc), picasa, …
And I’ve changed almost all of the file associations to use these applications instead of their metro counter parts

Metro never shows up, only when I want to start a new application (and even then, my favourite apps are pinned to the taskbar 😀 )

So, after these couple of weeks, I surely can recommend W8 to all of you!

It has build in dlna/upnp (which actually works pretty good), a beautiful task manager, superb copy handler, and overall performance even got a little bit better then W7!

Just uninstall/replace the metro apps, and you’ll be fine 🙂


Only the most annoying things persist: run as admin is a disaster, getting to the start menu is a big issue (fixed it with this), shutting your computer down is a hassle, and searching in settings and apps should be the same action.
So you actually have to move your mouse a lot!

And I hate AMD for dropping support for my (not toooo old) 4870 graphics card… 👿


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