WP7 dev account expired

Mark the 26th of September in your calendar, ‘cause a part of the world will die 🙂

The part of me being a WP7 developer 🙂

(some people will actually laugh now, thank you matsoo…)

But anyway, I’m not really planning to pay 75€ to have a few apps in the marketplace I’m giving away for free.
Especially because this 75€ is annually… (my windows license is cheaper than that…)

The really big downside: my apps will be removed from the WP7 marketplace… 😦

Maybe if someone reads this, and actually likes my apps, please comment on this blogpost, maybe I’ll reconsider…

I had some comments on my apps, thanks for the support you guys!
I’ll upload the xap’s to the internet, if your phone is unlocked, you can still use them!

2 reacties
  1. Phillip zei:

    Dat is wel jammer, kan je geen ads in je apps steken of is dat niet rendabel genoeg ?

    • mendel129 zei:

      Mjah, der staat nergens iets concreet op’t internet dat ik terugvind…
      Ik denk dat ik daar niet genoeg “pageviews” voor genereer 🙂

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