Telemeter troubles

As mentioned already a couple of times, in Belgium most ISP’s have a limit on the amount of data you can down- or upload on their network.

In the previous months I noticed the counter keeping track of the amount I’ve download returned really high values…

At my place we actually have a lot of electronics downloading data from the internet: 2 desktops, 3 portables, 5 cellphones, an ipod touch, a tablet, a television and a microwave (ok, not the microwave… 😛 )

In the past, when we were still using Dommel as our ISP, I actually didn’t hold track of our monthly download usage… Mostly it was something between 100-200GB’s… (yes, apparently my brothers youtube A LOT…).

But now, each month we’re put on smallband because we download 300GB+ of data…

No, that’s not even possible..

So, I started my investigation!

First, we need a bandwidth usage tracker.
I chose for Bitmeter OS from codebox.
I used this software packet in the past, and I now it’s pretty accurate…

So, halfway October, and it all seems correct…


Extra twist in the story!
Last month I (temporarily) used another bandwidth meter…
Put it on the same 4 computers, and the result was astonishing: my mother’s account downloaded 90GB…
Never found an actual reason for this.

Believe me or not: I blame Skype!

We have a pretty good internet connection now, and my best explanation for using 100GB of bandwidth without our knowledge is Skype picking our computer (my mothers account) as being a supernode

But now, with BitmeterOS, and another month (I’ve blocked my mother’s account on the computer), things actually ARE correct…

Extra thought afterwards: not ONE, not even a good bandwidth meter, is able to to distinguish between traffic towards the world wide web  and data to my NAS…
So all results from above are actually pretty useless…

Bottom line: Telenet actually is correct, mendel is wrong (again)

Wonderful result after disabling skype on my mothers account: download usage for this month is only 74,20GB 🙂

So I’m happy again 🙂

Thx @ telenet for being the fastest!
I won’t complain about that for sure!


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