iTunes fuckups…

I spend almost 5 days fixing this.

The year was 2008.
The year I started with an higher education on Artesis Antwerp.
And because I live in the middle of nowhere, I wasted a lot of hours sitting on public transport.
So, the year 2008 was the year I bough my first Apple device: an iPod Video 5.5G capable of holding 80GB of music.

A couple of days later, iTunes replaced winamp as the default music player on my computer…

I never had any issues with iTunes.
Yes it’s a natural resource hog, but I do like how it organises its music library.

Any song you add to the library is put in a folder inside the library.
So you have a structure of library\artists\cd\song

Now, recently, the retards at apple decided to change this.

And now it’s coming…

With the introduction of iTunes 10, Apple changed the structure mentioned above and introduced some new “parent” folders, to include everything.

Now you have library\filetype\artist\cd\song, with “filetype” one of the following options:

The upgrade from my “old library” went completely wrong…
Music ended up everywhere, in it’s old location, in the new location
I tried to fix it in different ways, but it got worse instead…

In the end, I deleted everything, rebuild my entire music library, got rid of all the duplicates, reconsolidated the library a couple of times, and actually started from scratch…

And than, I learned something new about iTunes.
Apparently, when you change something about that song: the name, the artist, add some information in the ID3 tags, it’s not saved in the track itself, but in your iTunes library…


So all my music preferences are gone, my adjustments to the ID3tags, almost all the titles where scrambled, the “plays counters” that tracks the amount of times a song is played are zeroed, even the ratings of individual tracks are gone…

*mental breakdown*

Now, 2 months later, I almost recovered from it…
But I’m pretty sure my “top rated tracks” contains 200 items less then before all this bullshit…

To prevent all this of happening again, I started using a tool called itsfv, to write changes in ID3 tags in the audio-file itself instead of in the crappy itunes library xml-file…

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  1. Phillip zei:

    And that’s exactly why I organise everything manually πŸ™‚
    I’ve been using MP3Tag for a long time now to organize, clean-up and rename my music collection so that things are more uniform than any other application could ever promise πŸ™‚
    Besides, they’ve already screwed me by stopping the support of any non-apple iTunes servers (eg. my NAS) out the blue. I’m stuck at iTunes 9 because of this !

    • mendel129 zei:

      Manually with subfolders as well?
      Because I’m not sure what I like, but at least I’m sure I don’t like everything in 1 folder πŸ™‚

      Worst part: I do have backup’s from my iTunes library its xml-file, but it’s useless if the files are moved… 😦

      What kind of NAS do you have?
      (What backup software do you use? Still haven’t found a good one πŸ˜‰ )

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