DIY Home Server part 1!

Currently, I’m using my parents/brothyer their computer as home server.
It serves as dlna media server, web server, backup server, game server and some other services.
But of course, it’s their computer, not mine…

I had a couple of days free from work, and was checking into my backup strategy.
Currently my computer backups to a lacie nas drive of 1TB using a couple of backup software solutions (more on this topic later 😉 ).
My parents computer backup to a usb drive.
And my brother’s laptop (and mine as well) don’t have a backup at all…

So, maybe I should change things a bit 🙂

What if I could consolidated everything onto 1 nice, little server?
One small, energy friendly, device processing backups, media, downloads, streaming, rendering, serving… all together!

I would need a lot of storage space!
Our total in-house (online/shared) storage consists of 1TB, 0.25TB, 0.5TB, which is not that much…
If I could create one pool with the same amount of space (or even more) would make things a whoooole lot easier for me!
And even more important: a computer that would not reboot at random because my brother or parents decide to….

So, a list of hypothetical hardware (if I would build such a device)

  • Intel Core I3 or a nice AMD Trinity/Piledriver APU (pretty power friendly, but juice enough for real-time transcoding)
  • 8GB ram (some ram, maybe I’ll take 16GBs, so I can run more virtual machines simultaneously)
  • random motherboard with an integrated gpu
  • lots of hard disks!
  • a fancy raid controller
  • a casing which support hot swappable hard disk drives!

And that last one is one pain in the ass to find!

I love the sight of the hp storageworks (we have one at work)!
But it’s a real san server, which means: to noisy, no full operating server, and consumes waaay to much electricity…!
And it won’t run Windows…

HP-StorageWorks-2000fc-G2-Modular-Smart-Array-APJ_400X400But it looks so cool!

Other more classic nas devices (lacie, wd, netgear, synology) look so “dumb”…

 196279 181966 176191 145819147791

At least some “almost cool” ones from asus, hp, netgear, acer, …


So, open question: who knows a good chassis for this purpose?

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  1. tony zei:

    en ne C2D is sterk genoeg om te transcoden met de juiste software :p

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