Backups again

I hate backups.
I sincerely do…

But that doesn’t change the fact it’s a thing that has to be done…

In the past I used synctoy as primary backup solution…
But it didn’t stop some files from getting lost…

The point was: some files got corrupted somehow, and where copied to my “backup” location. And because synctoy cannot perform incremental backups, some pictures got lost forever 😦

Anyway, I’ve experimented a lot lately to surpass this issue.
I needed incrementals…
And one of the best applications I’ve tested lately was Genie Timeline Backup from Genie9. It’s even free! (limited options)


I tried some more “classic” backup solutions like Acronis, … And some open source packages. But none of them where “worth using”.
To slow, to many options, to large (backup software using 500mb of disk space?), aggressive file copies, cpu intensive background tasks, …

Luckily for me, Windows 8 comes with File History!
A pretty good copy of Apple’s Time Machine…


I’ve been using this for some time now, tried restoring some random things, and until now I like it…

Until now…


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