AMD Madness with Windows 8

So I’ve installed Windows 8.
I didn’t install any driver manually.
Windows found almost everything using Windows Update.

And I like that 🙂

I don’t like hunting down drivers.
It’s stupid, consumes hours of precious time, and most of all: really boring…

Today, in my quest for good video editing software, I stumbled upon Sony Vegas 12.

After downloading the 30-days trial, all I got was this lousy loading screen…
And a crash report…
Which was useless…

Because the most valuable crash report mentions something about “gpu acceleration”. I started wondering if its corresponding Windows driver was up to date…

I knew, from issues in the past, that AMD/ATI stopped supporting my -not that old- radeon 4870 in Windows 8…
Rendering my gpu legacy 2 years after purchase date… (see what I did there? 😛 )

Anyway, things like that have been overcome for years thanks to guru3D (modded mobility drivers anyone?)

And again, they came up with modded drivers for legacy graphics cards


windows update driver


guru 3d’s DriverVer=07/03/2012, 8.970.100.3000

Nevertheless, after installing this “seemingly” older driver, Sony Vegas still crashes…

And even better!

Now I have this as well:



Rolled back the driver to it’s “Windows Update” alter ego fixed one of the above issues.
But not all…

Stupid amd…

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