First World Problems

Working in a big company is fun.
You’ll get in touch with private server parks, HA clusters, and a loooot of problems…

SQL -> SQL 2012 SP1 bloating the windows registry to the max (2048mb), making windows do VERY weird things…,
Cisco/Windows8 -> Windows 8 and Cisco WiFi doesn’t work!
NetApp/VMware -> Random storage disconnects…
Exchange -> story of an exchange 2003 user with a working mailbox, but a corrupted OWA… Even Microsoft didn’t found a solution 🙂

I’m not saying, we weren’t the very first in the world with the problems above…
I’m just saying we were one of the first with those problems… 😛

And I’m probably forgetting some issues… 😛

Smartsys blog is coming up later this year!
It’ll be a place providing awkward situations as mentioned above, and as much answers and solutions possible!

Stay tuned! 😎


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