Why stay online


After the entire prism-saga, one might wonder why you don’t delete everything…

In the last couple of weeks, it became clear even the UK, France and the Netherlands make use of the world’s largest spying-network…
And probably Belgium is using something very likely as well…large_2962194797

So, what’s the alternative…

Delete facebook?
Stop using google?
Don’t chat with friends, sms, don’t even call them on ANY phone (landline or mobile)?PRISM-640x480

I’m not sure that’s the answer as well…
(But at least, that’s how Osama Bin Laden hid for quite some time)

I’m not giving up on twitter, facebook, foursquare, google, skype, whatsapp, sms, mobile phone calls, …, because I know someone is listening…
If I want to build a bomb, I’m sure not writing a blogpost about it 😛

All this “prism-mess” is a very creepy idea, but apparently we have to live with that?

Actually, that last one isn’t true… If one Belgian political party is fighting this crime (yes, it IS a crime from the government), they have my vote! I will go on strike! And I don’t agree on all of this…

I’m writing this blogpost on wordpress. Publicly.
Anyone can read it (probably, someone at NSA has already read it before this post is even published…  😥  ), and that’s how I like it…
If you have reasons to hide something online, you’ll probably be capable of it..
And that’s why prism is total and utter bullshit…54gQVN1

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  1. Phillip zei:

    Op zich doet Prism wat Google en Facebook al jaren doen, alleen grootschaliger en in ’t geniep.
    En daarnaast is het ook niet waar dat ‘iemand’ luistert… de data passeert door een filter en als je iets verkeerd wil doen dan pas gaan er belletjes rinkelen en dan pas wordt het persoonlijk.
    Ik ga dus ook niet offline gaan wegens Prism, ik blijf gewoon doen wat ik anders doe: online zijn zonder en al te groot dataspoor achter te laten voor de vele advertisement- en tracking bedrijven.

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