Elevate shortcut

Tip of the day.
Something I’ve been missing in any default Windows installation…

Create a new shortcut to “cmd”.
Call it whatever you want. (cmdshortcut.lnk)
Right click it, go to properties, go to shortcut tab, click “advanced”, and mark “run as administrator”.
Ok both windows.

advance propertiesMove the shortcut to c:\windows\

Create a new batch-file.
Call it “elevate.cmd”
Edit it with notepad++. (yes, very important to edit it with this editor!)
Enter “%windir%\cmdshortcut.lnk” in there.
Move the batch-file to c:\windows\

Enjoy 🙂




The above is for cmd and run.
For PowerShell, read my previous entry: https://mendel129.wordpress.com/2014/01/02/powershell-profile/

For using mouse or touch, you’ll need a keyboard: “ctrl+shift” .


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