Remove runas administrator

So, to run “Microsft Exchangesigned&unsigned Troubleshooting Assistant”, also known as ExTRA, you need admin permissions on the machine you’re working on.
No reason given. You just need localadmin.

I don’t agree on that 🙂

Most .net executables are somewhat containers and can be opened with 7zip or others. So is extra.exe 🙂
Of course 7zip can’t compile it again, so this was a dead end.

Second issue, the executable is digitally signed by Microsoft. For obvious reasons. So editing something in the file will prevent a successfull match on its sha256-hash value…

So, at first the signatures had to be removed. Nirsoft’s SNremove didn’t work out, but unsigntool @ did the job.

unsignedThe exe could still be executed successfully.

Now, according this super user thread, the manifestfile included inside the executable should be edited.
This was done using XN Resource Editor

Simply replace the “requireAdministrator” with “asInvoker” .

xn resource
And save the assembly again…

Now we have a signature clean executable that doesn’t require administrator permissions 😎

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