Everyone is tracking everyone nowadays…

Yet, sometimes I really have trouble remembering what I did, and where I was…
The “what I did” is easily reproducable by using NirSoft’s LastActivityView, checking my send e-mails, and my browsing history… (But as I’m using 3 computers not in logical order, this is also not ideal)

The “where I was” is more difficult…

Enter tracks:

Clientside it’s built on top of Nokia’s SensorCore SDK example Tracks (yes, i stole the name, and the layout, and actually just about everything =) )
The only thing it does it getting all track points containing geographical information from the co-processor on my old but trustworty Nokia 930 running W10M, and posting it to some stupid php “api” putting it in a MSSQL db. (nope, no authN here…)


I build some stupid front-end for it, but for now, it looks something like this:

But you can do way cooler things with it! For example heatmaps! Where did I go most:

Next on the to-to list are statistics…

  • how much time in the car a week
  • how many km in a week
  • how much time in traffic
  • ..
4 reacties
  1. Neat ๐Ÿ™‚
    Guess it’ll only work if you keep GPS on all the time ? And the Tracks app from time to time ?

    • mendel129 zei:

      Location Services needs to be enabled, of course, not sure if it really needs to be GPS ๐Ÿ˜›
      The actual data is gathered by the “co-processor” ( )
      It is indeed necessary to open the app now and then, SensorCore preserves up to 10 days of data. This is definitely the biggest limitation of the app. I’ll add some live tile support one day in the far future ๐Ÿ™‚

      • It’s the same thing with the Band app. It eats a lot of battery so I don’t keep it running the background, instead I launch it form time to time (with location services enabled because otherwise it doesn’t work).

        • you have a band? :-p

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