Something as mundane as an intercom doorbell, yet so difficult to conclude on… Or is it just me?

A nice looking, black, Power over Ethernet, video, no cloud, local push notifications, SIP, not too expensive… Can’t be too difficult, right?

Finding PoE video intercoms is doable, obviously there is Google Nest and Amazon Ring, but you also find Dahua or GrandStream. Ubiquity, which has a doorbell these days, or yoosee. Next there is Hikvision. And last but, definitely not least, doorbird.
But either it’s too expensive, PoE isn’t sure, it’s all cloud, … None to my likes…
After 2 years without doorbell, a knock on the door works as well, akuvox came across.

Horrible software, even worse documentation, but it seems to be able to do what it is supposed to do: 720p video, onvif, sip, all local!, PoE, motion detection yet it doesn’t work the best, and it seems some options from the E11’s bigger brothers are hidden.
But it allows for an HTTP trigger via node-red to HASS, which is able to take care of the rest; take a picture, send it to a phone, and play a music file on pimusicbox hooked to the speakers via dlna as virtual gong…

Box is running some Android 4.2.2 version on an Allwinner sun8i 1GHz SoC with 64MB RAM. Some notes via

As the led for the rfid cannot be disabled from the webgui, I had to rewrite some startupscripts. Luckily the ssh password wasn’t too difficult to find… See wiki above.

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