A project of mine, a wake-on-lan client for WP7

It was the first real wake-on-lan application made for wp7.
Real, meaning it doesn’t use any intermediate proxy server or whatever. This app operates directly from your device, using the sockets in WP7.1 .


updated with live tiles
Using them you can wake your computer with one click of a button 😎


per-device different icons 🙂


page animations, own device icons, some other visual improvements 🙂

Suggestions, comments, bug reports, … Everything is welcome here! :mrgreen:

Development blog can be found here, or using search.


To make use of WOL your computer must, of course, support wake-on-lan 😛
But if your pc is not older then 15 years, it probably will. 😆

To enable wake-on-lan, start device manager, open up your network card properties, switch to the power management tab, and enable “allow this computer to wake the computer”, and “only allow a magic packet to wake the computer” (else almost everything wakes the computer 😛 )

(to start device manager: click start, right mouse button on computer -> manage)

To find your mac address you need to open a command prompt. You can find this by navigation on your computer to start -> all programs -> Accessories -> command prompt.
This opens a nice, pretty old, black screen. Here you type “ipconfig /all” (without the “).

The information you need is standing next to “physical address” 🙂
This sequence must be filled in into WOL.

Happy waking!

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  1. Tonio Roffo zei:

    Interesting, this one 🙂 I’m thinking of using WOL at home for my media center. For now, it’s just running 24/7 (it’s also acting as sick beard & couch potato downloader)

    • mendel129 zei:

      I actually use WOL really a lot. Turning on my download-pc or my desktop pc with this technology is way to easy ^^
      Ofcourse the primary reason you would use this is to cut on your power expenses 😉
      I use WOL (ofcourse) with my wp7-client, my router (ddwrt) or this windows app called wolex ^^
      Enjoy! 😉

      (sickbeard & couchpatato ftw! do you know headphones? ^^)

  2. Rene zei:

    Hi… Nice tool, especially for pinning my NAS directly to start screen. But on my Lumia 920 with WP8 the NAS is not starting. 😦 With “Wake On LAN” from SysDev I’m able to wake it from my Lumia. Any ideas?

    • mendel129 zei:

      Hey, thanks for the notice!
      I never tried it on WP8 actually. But in theory, it should work… I’ll try it later this week in an emulator 😉
      What kind of NAS do you own?

  3. Rene zei:

    It’s an old, but perfect, Acer H340 Windows Home Server.:) Hope you can find a reason. Using PcWakeUp now until you found the reason.

    • mendel129 zei:

      An unfortunate official statement: I cannot run the WP8 emulator because I can’t run hyper-v, because my CPU doesn’t support SLAT… 😦
      I think we’re on a death end here…
      (besides, I can’t update the app in the marketplace because my developers account got cancellated… Sorry… )

      • renealbrecht zei:

        Could you ,please, open source it? It’s to valuable to throw it away…

        • mendel129 zei:

          Sure, no problem!
          I’ll post the code somewhere! 😉

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