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the story

Something I believe is really useful on a mobile device, is a portable network scanner.

I’ve got this on my android tablet (currently using “Fing“) and sometimes this comes in handy (especially on mobile devices because of their lack on native network discovery abilities)

So I started my search on the WP7 marketplace.
There are a couple of apps promising “ping”-like functions on the WP7 platform.
But after testing them one by one, they all failed…
A couple of them created the impression that they worked, but in the end they didn’t…

So, let’s create our own πŸ™‚

so, some background.

According to wikipedia, Ping is created in 1983 and is used to check network connectivity.
When you “ping” a network devices, it “pongs” back (replies), and you know it’s available to
communicate with you.

Ping is based on ICMP echo requests.
ICMP on it’s turn is defined in RFC 792 of the IETF
Its an OSI layer 4 function, and works on top of IP.

So, basically, if we want to create our WP7 network discovery app, we need to create an IPv4 packet, put in a ICMP request, and broadcast it around. πŸ™‚

a bitter reality

In .net 4.5, you have the “ping” class.
This is an incredible easy way of achieve our target.

But it’s not part of the “mobile” silverlight based SDK for wp 7.1…


The other way around: what do we have.
Since 7.1 (Mango) we have sockets!
A nice explanation is written here at msdn.

What if we want to craft our own ICMP packet?
You just need a byte array, put it in an IP packet, and solved!

Anyway, you can spawn a network socket with multiple arguments.

Socket sock = new Socket(AddressFamily.InterNetwork, SocketType.Stream, ProtocolType.Tcp);

AddressFamily:ip4, ip6, unspecified or unknown
SocketType: stream (tcp) dgram (udp) or unknown
ProtocolType: tcp, udp, unspecified or unknown

And of course, unspecified and unknown is not supported on WP7.
So,we only have tcp and udp available…

No ICMP or even RAW as in the full desktop version of a socket

Stuck again…

Some guys on the internet say ping should work with tcp/udp on port 7…
Knowing this can’t actually work, I experimented with it anyway.

Result: udp doing nothing – tcp replying sometimes (absolutely not trustworthy)

Any suggestions from somewhere? Is it even possible using only TCP/UDP/WP7?

‘cause I’m out idea’s…

Or I’m looking over it…
Possible as well…

Still, nobody has ANY idea about an app that natively can stream your itunes library?
Or is it just soo hard to make? (or even illegal?)

Does it exist?
Is it hidden?
What’s the name?

All sources come from .

Check for all downloads & more information


Many thanks to the members of the cyanogenmod-team to create this!

You’ll need 4 things:

  • acmeinstaller
  • novacom drivers installed

(download them from the xda rootzwiki)

  1. place the 2 zip files on your touchpad, \cminstall\ (create the folder)
  2. shut down your touchpad
  3. boot it while holding the volume-up button, a usb icon will appear
  4. mount it to your computer
  5. grab the cmd, browse to the place where you’ve downloaded the acmeinstaller file, and type “C:\Program Files\Palm, Inc\novacom” boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller
  6. watch the installer do its work =)

on my 32gb version it took like… 15 minutes or so to install =)

Some bugs on my touchpad: (hey, that’s why it’s called an ALPHA release :p )

  • doesn’t always resume from standby
  • google apps are missing
  • marketplace is missing
  • not able to sync with google

to install all the google stuff, check my post here

A little overview of the coolest things developers are doing with the HP Touchpad.

concerning android

  1. putting android on it
    The team behind the popular cellphone based CyanogenMod ROM’s are working on a direct port of CM7 to the touchpad.
  2. putting android in it, as an app
  3. porting the android dalvik virtual machine. Linux is linux =) Just needs some extra libraries…

other cool things

When electronics become slow, unstable, or just boring, you can (mostly) upgrade them.

If your computer is getting slow you can buy a new cpu.
When you laptop has a shortage on storage space, you buy a new hard disk. Same with soundcards, RAM, and others.

But you can’t (yet) do that with a telephone (or a mac ^^)

Anyhow, my old & trusty HP was getting rusty… (Not literally ofc ‘cause plastic can’t rust πŸ™„ )

So it was replaced πŸ˜€

Let’s compare!


Hewlett-Packard iPAQ 614c

Samsung GT-i8700 Omnia 7

cpu Intel XScale PXA270 @ 520MHz Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8250 @ 1000MHz
ram 128MiB 512MiB
storage 256MiB+8GB Β΅SD 7.97GB
display resolution 240*380 480*800
display diagonal 2.8″ 4″
camera resolution 3.1MP 4.92MP
weight 145grams + battery (+- 180grams) 138grams

Jeeaaaah, it’s a bit of an improvement :mrgreen:

I went to Fnac, a multimedia shop, located here in Ghent. Played with several devices (including some high-end android and even symbian)… But WP7 popped out. It’s animations are incredible fluent, wonderful eye-candy, and it just works. A lot of things are still missing: like for example the copy-paste functionality, and a skype client. But I’m sure (call my naΓ―ve) they will become available in the next few months… 😎
And something I noticed on android, sometimes frames are just skipped? The menu’s are just not THAT fluent, especially when I compared it with WP7… I didn’t had the chance to try the GalaxyS, and I don’t know what versions of android where installed on the devices I tried, but maybe some optimizations can be made… (Tried the high-end HTC’s though…)

Anyway, I’ve been playing with my omnia for a couple of days now, and I’m loving it… Everything is synchronized with hotmail, and my desktop computer. Google Android surely has the same functionality, but still…

Marketplace is something nice, the only close the entire platform as money in a safe… Damn, I hate that… Microsoft went “Apple-style”… Hopefully they’ll create something android like with next to the marketplace, the apk-installable files πŸ˜€

Pictures aren’t that bad, at least they don’t “move” like my previous cellphone…

even at night

The biggest issue is ofcourse the battery. I play with that cellphone all day long… But you can’t do that without charging it… When you do nothing with the device, you’ll probably make it trough the day… Maybe I need to find some energy saving tricks ^^
Now, after some days, I noticed that it’s perfectly doable to make it trough the day… Which wasn’t always possible with my hp… But the hp was continuously syncing with hotmail, the samsung only each 30 minutes (which IS a pretty huge difference…)

The list of negative arguments will probably grow in the future, but for now it’s a great device :mrgreen:
Atm only the lack of copy/paste 😐 (I notice I used that quite a lot, even on a telephone πŸ˜€ )