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Mark the 26th of September in your calendar, ‘cause a part of the world will die 🙂

The part of me being a WP7 developer 🙂

(some people will actually laugh now, thank you matsoo…)

But anyway, I’m not really planning to pay 75€ to have a few apps in the marketplace I’m giving away for free.
Especially because this 75€ is annually… (my windows license is cheaper than that…)

The really big downside: my apps will be removed from the WP7 marketplace… 😦

Maybe if someone reads this, and actually likes my apps, please comment on this blogpost, maybe I’ll reconsider…

I had some comments on my apps, thanks for the support you guys!
I’ll upload the xap’s to the internet, if your phone is unlocked, you can still use them!

I’m happy about them!

And guess what, apparently 2856 other persons on this world are as well ^^
(probably a lot less, ‘cause of idiot’s downloading random apps without reading a description…)

Remember them?

According to microsoft’s statistics they have been downloaded as much as 2856 times =)

I don’t think they’re features somewhere big… But at least they’re mentioned in Johan PeetersBelgian Apps list 🙂

Someone asked me for a quick overview of the “best wp7 apps”.
So I dove into my account to check out my app history.
Here an overview of my most used apps:

Dev mode

You want to do everything on your own device, right? 🙂

First step is to root the touchpad (root, jailbreak, developer unlock, … you name it 😛 ) (guide from Nburnes on XDA )

Gaining Developers Mode
1. Go to main screen
2. Select “Just type…” bar
3. In the bar type “webos20090606” without the quotes
4. Tap the Developer Mode icon
5. Set Developer Mode to ON
6. Do NOT enter a password, simply hit Submit
7. Congrats device is in developer mode for use with SDK or webOS Quick Install


Preware is an alternative marketplace for webos… Like cydia is for ios, many for android or like, well, none for wp7…

So you want to install this as well.

1. Download latest version here. V4.2.3…tall-4.2.3.jar
2. Connect device in developer mode and select “Cancel” when mount as usb notification appears.
3. Run webOS Quick Install. If novacom driver isn’t installed, it shall install for you.
4. Click third button on the right side (Globe icon)
5. Click on “All” box
6. Proceed to search for “Preware”
7. Click Install
8. Congrats Preware is now installed on your webOS device.

The apps

So, now you can start installing a whole lot more of apps =)

  • Govnah, to overlock the hell out of your tablet!
  • UberKernel, a more stable kernel destined for overclocking (use the stable versions please…)
  • EOM Overlord Monitoring, because it’s actually creepy how much information is send back to hp…
  • Faster Card Animations HYPER version, improve the smoothness of your system!
  • Increase Touch Sensitivity And Smoothness 10, the same
  • remove Dropped Packet Logging, stop sending information to hp!
  • Unthrottle Download Manager, speed up your internet!

More info in this topic, and this topic!

Maybe I’ll find some more, and let you know!