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My Vaio died…
For all the ones that will be pointing “hahahahaha, told you so”: whatever =)
In the end, it was the Samsung SSD inside that died…

Anyway, needed to reinstall my laptop. Quick list of essential tools!

And since the sudden disappearance of wallbase -> for a new wallpaper! 🙂

desktopAnd for the first time I didn’t make my account localadmin 🙂 Let’s see how that turns out 🙂

The interwebz is a complex wasteland.
Almost every websites requires a login. And I don’t want to use the same password everywhere!
I have some categories in my “default” passwords, the simple password (19bit) for the “one-time-use” websites , the more complex ones (still only max 65 bit) for the “special sites” like facebook, google, of my hr department…  Actually, my “toughest” password (my cronos admin password) only reaches 87 bits…


only a couple of my accounts…

Anyway, when you’re on the internet for a couple of years, you gather some accounts.

Lots of them


And in the beginning, it was fun.
You only have 1 computer, you only use 1 browser, you just store everything in there.

But then something new shows up.
You start experimenting with Firefox.
And you buy a laptop.
And you have a network profile at school, or at work.
Or you’re on a holiday and you need to login on your webmail.

You need something to sync all your information, and to make it all available wherever you are.
Same for bookmarks, but that’s another story…

The last couple of years I always made use of random sync tools. At first, the sync-tools from Mozillaphoto.jpg itself, later on some other 3th party tools, but the last tool I got stuck with was xmarks. But last year it was bought by lastpass. So all my passwords were suddenly in their hands…
I’m not sure I like that…

But I kept using it, because it comes in damn handy!
All your password perfectly in sync between devices, nice plugin’s for every browser, and even a nice web interface!

But, still, you trust your password with someone else…

Anyway, this week I started doing some consultancy (read, they’re teaching me) for another Cronos Group Company working on InfoSec (another blogpost about this will follow!). And the first thing that 6556_3b90_500happened when firing up my laptop in front of these guys, was firefox opening, and lastpass popping up…


10 seconds later, my new boss mentioned something like “goe bezig”, roughly translated to “nice going”

Anyway, today I present you: THE SOLUTION

You’re own sync tool build around keepass!

I’ve been using keepass as long as I can remember. It contains all my secrets, my passwords, my configs, my life. But I always used it off-line. I open it, copy paste something, close it and erase my clipboard.
Actually, it never occurred to me you can use it otherwise!

Until today, on my first hit on google: “keepass firefox” 😛

After trying out some random extensions, I kept using PassIFox. And it works! And it works gooood!

Just install the plugin for Firefox, you also need a plugin for lastpass (to enable an http web service), and you’re good to go! Uninstall lastpass, throw away all other 3th party related crap you don’t want to be associated with your passwords!
From now on, you only have 1 place you store your passwords in: your own aes-256 encrypted keepass db!

The really interested reader now wants to shout “you’re not syncing anything between computers!”.
But, then I would answer “you’re to soon with your remark” 😛

Put all of the above in a skydrive/dropbox/owncloud/anything, and you can run around using your passwords everywhere!



Some remarks on passifox: browse to any website with a login field, rmb -> fill user & pass. This is the ony known interface to the firefox plugin! Use this to setup the initial connect with lastpass (connect will appear).

Some remarks on the entire process: I always trusted sites like lastpass. I don’t know exactly why. But when you work for a InfoSec company, you can’t risk anything. Right? 🙂
Maybe it was of laziness, because lastpass just works that handy 😛 But in the end, so does passifox! So please, when you read this, thing twice about who you trust with what!

Remark on skydrive/dropbox/owncloud: even Microsoft’s skydrive can, in the end, leak information. Or I can forget to log off somewhere. Forget to logoff from any live-enable website and someone can have access to these files as well. Even when you run owncloud, your provider can be the target of an attack (happened in the Netherlands last week…). But hey, the only thing these “21the century burglars” can download, is an aes encrypted file! Good luck with that 🙂
Hell, with this setup you can even put an hidden truecrypt container in skydrive containing a portable firefox and keepass… But only, who’s that paranoid? 😛

Mendel has been a firefox fan for a decade! Pretty much literally! When Firefox 1.0 was released in 2004, I became a first row user ^^ And now, 7 years laters, the Mozilla Foundation is preparing their 4.0 release!

After a friend of mine installed beta 9, I was tempted into installing it as well ^^

Already arrived at beta 10! And this is how it looks like:

Pretty neat new look, complete integration with aero glass, the tabs are moved up (like google chrome), and some more little ui-tweakers. The now have “tab groups”, and some other things… :mrgreen:
Startup speed also increased a little bit.

Most of my plugins kept working, settings are still the same, same bookmarks, etc,…

And the beta program adds some “extra debug options”. Like this one:

It just displays the amount of memory Firefox uses and the amount of open tabs. It’s a pretty big memory hog, but firefox uses the system ram in an “intelligent” way by releasing and prefetching wat it needs. Just like SuperFetch from Windows itself ^^

At this very own moment it uses 350MB of ram, with only 2 tabs open… One can say this is waaay to much, but I prefer my software to use the ram available on an intellingent manner :mrgreen:
Why the hell would you want to have 2000MB of ram doing absolutely nothing when it’s there? ^^

Sommige mensen zullen het “weave“-project van Mozilla wel kennen…
Voor de anderen: het is een synchronisatietool van Mozilla zelf voor Firefox.

Het idee is simpel… Je plaats op een centrale server ergens al uw data, en u pc/laptop/pda haalt die data op en zet die lokaal 🙂

Read More

In tegenstelling tot wat Microsoft oorspronkelijke beacht heeft, gebruik ik geen microsoft outlook.
Persoonlijk ben ik een veel grotere fan van Mozilla Thunderbird. Dit vooral omdat Thunderbird niet de neiging heeft om te crashen en u ram op te eten.

Daar ik overlaatst een pda-achtige gsm gekocht heb, HP 614C, wou ik deze dus eens beginnen synchronizeren met men computer.
Dit verloopt allemaal mooi via ActiveSync onder Vista. Maarjah, zoals we gewoon zijn van Microsoft synchroniseerd ActiveSync enkel met producten van Microsoft.
Outlook dus.

Men mails zitten in thunderbird en men taken/afspreken in Google Calendar. Dus das allemaal wel voos…

Nu heb ik het volgende al gevonden.
Google Calendar kan je laten synchroniseren met outlook door een door google zelf ontwikkeld tooltje. Google Calendar Sync.

Dus google calendar krijg ik al mooi naar men gsm…

Verder ben ik beginnen gebruik maken van Mozilla Sunbird. Dit om men kalender nog beter te kunnen ordenen. In sunbird staat men eigen kalender, die van een paar vrienden en die van men vriendin. Hoe ideaal is dat niet! Mijn kalender synchroniseert uiteraard ook terug met google calendar, en komt op die manier ook in outlook (en dus ook op men pda) terecht 🙂

Moeilijk kan ook!

Momenteel dus van Sunbird.

Naar Google Calendar

Naar Outlook

Naar pda

Nu men mails en contactpersonen nog in thunderbird krijgen…
Dat is me tot op heden nog steeds niet gelukt…
Ik ga dat nog proberen met een mooi tooltje (spijtig genoeg niet freeware…).

Men bevindingen post ik nog wel 🙂