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Sometimes you can have the impression you’re going crazy.

I saw this wifi network called “00000000” being available sometimes. When I opened the Windows 8 charms bar to check the available wifi-networks, it popped up after a second or 2 – which is weird.
When I checked with inssider, it simply wasn’t there.
It was not in my profiles, it was not hidden in netsh, nowhere to be found in the registry, …

I kind-of remembered I once renamed my phone’s “wifisharing”-wifi to that “00000000”-SSID.
But I changed it again a couple of months ago (brucon related)


So, jeah, what’s a better way to find out what it does but connecting to it? 😛

Found DNS Suffix being “”, never heard of it before, and the the gateway being, indeed, my phone…


But apparently, it’s not a bug! it’s a feature:

Anyway, after connecting again, the “00000000” was gone, and the new SSID was there…
But in WP? My laptop’s <wifi cache> if such thing exists? …





My 5th wp7 app just went live 🙂

Its purpose: sending a text message from your browser!

Download the application from the WP marketplace, login, take another device (desktop, laptop, tablet, another phone, …) and browse to (my current free asp host 🙂 ), login with the same credentials as before, type your message, send it to your phone, and send it again! 🙂

This makes you can write an entire book-long message, on another device (maybe even with physical keyboard 🙂 )

More info on the SMSer project page:

Someone asked me for a quick overview of the “best wp7 apps”.
So I dove into my account to check out my app history.
Here an overview of my most used apps:

I think I am the first one to create a real wake-on-lan app for WP7.

This one doesn’t use a intermediate proxy server or whatever, but opperates directely from your device thanks to the sockets in WPMango 🙂

The user interface is maybe a bit ugly 🙄

Anyway, this is how it looks:

You can download it trough the marketplace

There is an update waiting in the marketplace’s queue which brings live tiles to this app. Using them you can wake your computer with one click of a button 😎

Suggestions, comments, bug reports, … Everything is welcome here! 😀