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It’s confronting, no?

Just a bunch of people with their according passwords in plaintext πŸ™‚
(Last login dating from 2011-03-27 13:20:47)

It’s the result of a project of mine in 2007 from school. Apparently everyone creating an account on the website had full trust in me (even people I’ve never heard of)… Poor people πŸ˜›

Never trust something you don’t entirely know πŸ™‚

“Secrets” will eventually spread: linkedin,, … ING?

If you follow me on twitter, you might have read my tweet about my leaked linkedin password.
Yep, it’s out there!
Go and find it! I still haven’t changed it 😎
(Challenge: the first one who can actually post something on my facebook wins a crate of beer!)

P.S.: A good trick to know if your password is stored in plaintext on a website: if you’re able to “recover” password when you’ve “forgotten” it: it’s plaintext…
When you have to reset it completely, it’s probably hashed πŸ˜‰

Let’s talk a bit about ISSISP, the reason why I was in Ghent the entire week…

It’s a summer school, organised by Prof. Bjorn De Schutter from the University of Ghent.
ISSISP stands for “International Summer School on Information Security and Protection”, it’s now organised for the 2nd time and is supported by IEEE, ACM, Irdeto and some others…

We have all kind of cool guest speakers:
βœ“ Christian Collberg (University of Arizona, USA)
βœ“ Jack Davidson (University of Virginia, USA)
βœ“ Roberto Giacobazzi (UniversitΓ  di Verona, Italy)
βœ“ Yuan Xiang Gu (Irdeto, Canada)
βœ“ Bjorn De Sutter (Ghent University, Belgium)

And they all talked about different techniques on protection software from third-party users. Like for code that checks licensing information and how hackers try to get around it…

Code obfuscation, watermarking, virtualisation, tamperproofing, … All pretty cool techniques for hiding information of your code and making sure nobody else could use it πŸ™‚

It where nice courses, it where (the one more than the other) fascinating speakers, cool people around, very good organisation, …

Actually, I don’t have any negative points! =)

It was fun and I learned really a lot!

Way to go!