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In my bed, the weirdest things happen…
Today, I woke up, and tough to myself: “why do people sign their code, but not their stored data & variables?”

Let’s explain what I mean…

I’ve been messing around with Windows Phone 7 quite some time.
And now Windows 8 has the same fun challenges.

Some (most) applications which are developed by home-programmers, don’t make time to “secure” their applications. Mostly because their isn’t time, money, or the effort is just too high…

Anyway, this results in a lot of apps you can play with 😎

Nowadays, when you edit a W8 xaml file, the (miaow) file makes sure you app crashes…
The codeintegrity file (part of the MS App Store) verifies the integrity of the code (no way 😛 ).
It’s a quick fix for a hack that came out a long time ago (the one where you could edit anything you wanted):

Some thoughts: why isn’t all this encrypted/obfuscated/minimised/…, aka: why it it plain text?

A really good read from justin angel! It’s quiet funny too!

So at least I’m not the only one who thinks like that!

But a solution can be that easy!
Take your vars, and multiply them with 4. Convert them to another type (var something = (new int32(1234).tochar() ). Create a stupid mathematical formula to “hide” your variables. Or even: don’t store your variables with easy names (The function of the variable “AmountOfGold=5000” isn’t THAT difficult to guess :-p ), or just salt the entire variablebullshit!

If only our precious NMBS would do that! 😆

I hate backups.
I sincerely do…

But that doesn’t change the fact it’s a thing that has to be done…

In the past I used synctoy as primary backup solution…
But it didn’t stop some files from getting lost…

The point was: some files got corrupted somehow, and where copied to my “backup” location. And because synctoy cannot perform incremental backups, some pictures got lost forever 😦

Anyway, I’ve experimented a lot lately to surpass this issue.
I needed incrementals…
And one of the best applications I’ve tested lately was Genie Timeline Backup from Genie9. It’s even free! (limited options)


I tried some more “classic” backup solutions like Acronis, … And some open source packages. But none of them where “worth using”.
To slow, to many options, to large (backup software using 500mb of disk space?), aggressive file copies, cpu intensive background tasks, …

Luckily for me, Windows 8 comes with File History!
A pretty good copy of Apple’s Time Machine…


I’ve been using this for some time now, tried restoring some random things, and until now I like it…

Until now…

  • skype, just chatting around
  • live messenger
  • firefox, direct source of, well, everything
  • outlook, maaails
  • spotify, yep, on my laptop it’s spotify 🙂
  • kinsky, to control the television ^^
  • spaz, tweeting
  • rainmeter, keeping my desktop alive
  • F.lux, keeping my eyes alive
  •, sharing music
  • live mesh, syncing stuff
  • wakoopa, more stats!
  • whatpulse, even more stats!

Of languit, The PocketPC Database 🙂

Lijstje dak gemaakt heb, omdat hier iedere keer een nieuwe post beginnen met weer nieuwe progsels die ik cool vind…
Op den duur is het té onoverzichtelijk eh…

Dus, de database kan je terugvinden op mijn xtreemhost, nog korter: hier.

Hopelijk zijn er mensen die ik er een beetje op goede gedachten breng 🙂

Een lijstje van goede software voor windows mobile.
Vul dit alstublieft aan, want ik denk dak nog zoveel over het hoofd zie…

MyMobiler => uw apparaat via usb op uw pc weergeven en besturen.

tcpmp => zeer goede, gratie mediaplayer

gps speedo => toont snelheid op basis van gps-gegevens.

kevtris => leuke tetris

opera mobile => ideale browser voor ppc

trackme => logt uw gps-gegevens naar een bestand dat importeerbaar is in google earth (etc) zodat je later uw reisweg kan herbekijken.

skype => versie van skype, gratis voipbellen

wktask => mooie taskmanager voor windows mobile

wm5torage => sluit uw ppc aan als usbapparaat ipv activesyncapparaat

projection digital clock => mooie klok voor op u today-screen

UltimateLaunch => prachtige software om wa tabs op u today-screen te krijgen 🙂