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Let’s review my new laptop. 🙂

Sony’s successor for their well-known Z-series!
It’s incredibly thin, and deserves Intel’s “Ultrabook” label (hence, without touchscreen 😛 ).WP_000427 (2)

  • It features Intel’s latest generation Central Processing Unit: Haswell
  • A nowadays basic amount of ram: 8GB
  • An awesome M.2 PCIe-based Solid State Disk (not really a disk any more, but more fancy PCB)
  • A a 1080p IPS display
  • And a pretty good battery as well!
  • An optional Trusted Platform Module (jej bitlocker!)

So, the first thing you notice when you hold it, it sooooo incredible light (<1kg!)! :-d
Even when you ever held a MacBook Air, you would be stunned. And that’s just awesome ❤

The carbon feels not that strong, but I’m always pretty careful with my tech 🙂
But I can imagine people could actually break the device…

The Hasswell I7 4500u (1.8GHz – 3.0GHZ, running at 0,677 volts and using between 0,93 and 8,78  watts of power), is just awesome. On high performance it’s actually really fast, on battery saver it’s really slow. 🙂
8GB of RAM is perfect! You can run multiple VM’s (of course using Hyper-V) simultaneously without any stuttering.

The touchpad performs great as well, it’s plastic (not glass like on Apple devices), so it’s not always that great.

Battery, runs around 7-8 hours. Which is pretty good! 😀

The presence of a Trusted Platform Module makes that bitlocker works fine 🙂

I’m currently using Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64 on it, it feels just incredibly fast, and that how I like it!

The only thing I’m actually missing, is an Ethernet port… I wouldn’t use it often, but sometimes, it’s just that little bit easier to get into a foreign network =)
So I ordered one on 🙂


How to read:

  1. first is my initial hard disk setup: 2 * WD320 disks in raid0 on an Intel ICH7 southbridge chip
  2. the second picture in the series below is a single 1TB drive (also WD 🙂 )
  3. my recently bought Crucial M4

How future evolves 🙂

Two – 6 years old – hard disks in raid, one 3 years old hard disk on it’s own, and a pretty new solid state disk!

Boot times are < 30 secs (bios POST tests included), file copies between disks are instant (75MBps+), Unreal Tournament starts in a matter of seconds…

An entirely new computer, based on a 6 years old cpu/motherboard! 🙂

Some reads about ich7 performance on tomshardware & techreport

note: ssd is run only with short benchmarks (so some caching from the controller is apparent)
another note: one of the things I love about my job are my colleagues! You can learn so much from them! This post is indirectly powered by knowledge of my colleague anton! Thx!









HD Tune:




And some (cool) IOMeter graphs!

3th “big” upgrade of my desktop computer!

1) 2006 – the original

  • Intel c2d E6600 @ +-3.2GHz
  • 2*1GB DDR2 ram
  • nvidia 7900gt
  • 2*raid0 320gb

2) 2010 – v2

  • +2*1GB ram = 4GB ram
  • +1TB storage = 1640GB
  • ATI Radeon 4800

somewhere in between my power supply exploded and got replaced, but we’re not counting that one!

3) 2012 – v3

  • +256GB SSD

And it’s all still running fine.
Currently equipped with windows 8.

This post because I read on a random forum ( about “old computers” and “being worth the trouble of upgrading”.
I’m fond of the idea that my 6 years old pc still runs every piece of software as it should!

So yes, I’m convinced it’s worth the trouble!

(A nice I7 with 16GB DDR3 and a 670gtx sounds great tough…)




At last!

I’ve bought myself my very first SSD =)

After months of doubt, I’ve bought myself an Patriot Pyro SE 120GB SATA III 2.5″ (jeah, it’s the same as the title of this post 😛 )

It was on iBOOD a couple of weeks ago, so it was the right product on the right time/place!

In numbers, we’ve got:

  • 550MB/s read, 520MB/s write
  • 85k IOPS
  • 0.1ms access time

That’s a little better then my old WD5000BEVT with

  • 65MB/s R/W
  • an access time of 17ms
  • around 100 IOPS

Only, jeah, it’s like 120GB instead of 500 😦

But, as they all say, it’s incredible fast…

Windows booted in seconds, photoshop, visual studio, firefox, … SECONDS!!!!!! ❤