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So I’ve installed Windows 8.
I didn’t install any driver manually.
Windows found almost everything using Windows Update.

And I like that πŸ™‚

I don’t like hunting down drivers.
It’s stupid, consumes hours of precious time, and most of all: really boring…

Today, in my quest for good video editing software, I stumbled upon Sony Vegas 12.

After downloading the 30-days trial, all I got was this lousy loading screen…
And a crash report…
Which was useless…

Because the most valuable crash report mentions something about “gpu acceleration”. I started wondering if its corresponding Windows driver was up to date…

I knew, from issues in the past, that AMD/ATI stopped supporting my -not that old- radeon 4870 in Windows 8…
Rendering my gpu legacy 2 years after purchase date… (see what I did there? πŸ˜› )

Anyway, things like that have been overcome for years thanks to guru3D (modded mobility drivers anyone?)

And again, they came up with modded drivers for legacy graphics cards


windows update driver


guru 3d’s DriverVer=07/03/2012, 8.970.100.3000

Nevertheless, after installing this “seemingly” older driver, Sony Vegas still crashes…

And even better!

Now I have this as well:



Rolled back the driver to it’s “Windows Update” alter ego fixed one of the above issues.
But not all…

Stupid amd…

WP_000313 (1)

In my bed, the weirdest things happen…
Today, I woke up, and tough to myself: “why do people sign their code, but not their stored data & variables?”

Let’s explain what I mean…

I’ve been messing around with Windows Phone 7 quite some time.
And now Windows 8 has the same fun challenges.

Some (most) applications which are developed by home-programmers, don’t make time to “secure” their applications. Mostly because their isn’t time, money, or the effort is just too high…

Anyway, this results in a lot of apps you can play with 😎

Nowadays, when you edit a W8 xaml file, the (miaow) file makes sure you app crashes…
The codeintegrity file (part of the MS App Store) verifies the integrity of the code (no way πŸ˜› ).
It’s a quick fix for a hack that came out a long time ago (the one where you could edit anything you wanted):

Some thoughts: why isn’t all this encrypted/obfuscated/minimised/…, aka: why it it plain text?

A really good read from justin angel! It’s quiet funny too!

So at least I’m not the only one who thinks like that!

But a solution can be that easy!
Take your vars, and multiply them with 4. Convert them to another type (var something = (new int32(1234).tochar() ). Create a stupid mathematical formula to “hide” your variables. Or even: don’t store your variables with easy names (The function of the variable “AmountOfGold=5000” isn’t THAT difficult to guess :-p ), or just salt the entire variablebullshit!

If only our precious NMBS would do that! πŸ˜†

I’m getting used of it.Β  😎

I’ve bought myself a Crucial M4 two weeks ago, and took the opportunity to install a fresh copy of windows 8 on it. Installation itself took about 15 minutes, and is running ever since.

So anyway, the screenshot above gives a rough look how I use Windows 8.

Microsoft tries to push metro, but I’m just not using it :mrgreen:

I reinstalled most of my regular desktop application: firefox, itunes, windows media player (with ccc), picasa, …
And I’ve changed almost all of the file associations to use these applications instead of their metro counter parts

Metro never shows up, only when I want to start a new application (and even then, my favourite apps are pinned to the taskbar πŸ˜€ )

So, after these couple of weeks, I surely can recommend W8 to all of you!

It has build in dlna/upnp (which actually works pretty good), a beautiful task manager, superb copy handler, and overall performance even got a little bit better then W7!

Just uninstall/replace the metro apps, and you’ll be fine πŸ™‚


Only the most annoying things persist: run as admin is a disaster, getting to the start menu is a big issue (fixed it with this), shutting your computer down is a hassle, and searching in settings and apps should be the same action.
So you actually have to move your mouse a lot!

And I hate AMD for dropping support for my (not toooo old) 4870 graphics card… πŸ‘Ώ

it sucks πŸ™‚

When I first met windows 8, it was in September, with the first developer beta.
That version was installed, almost exactly 60 minutes on my computer before I removed it again…

It was just “way to beta”, and most important: skype wouldn’t work back then ^^
(of course there where a whole bunch of other reasons as well)

Now, whit the customer preview, I gave it another shot.

And at first, I liked it πŸ™‚

It wasn’t that bad!

They fixed horizontal scrolling for example, the new side-menu’s where introduced, everything worked really smooth!

And I almost got used to it!


The entire metro-interface is NOT meant for a desktop computer…
It is wonderful for a tablet, maybe for a laptop with a multitouch screen or touchpad.
But not on a mouse-operated device…
You should install whatpulse for this one… Keep an eye on your mouse statistics, see how much you move with your mouse… It’s like almost everything you want to do in windows 8 is doneΒ  with your mouse… (yes I know there are a bunch of keyboardshortcuts in win8 for popping up all of the sidebars). But it’s all so anti-“productive”…

I’ve used CPR for about a week, and then suddenly it would boot any more, just reminding me it’s still beta πŸ˜›
I’ll just stick with W7 for now πŸ™‚

A friend of mine told me his grandmother loved it.
So maybe, people could actually love it πŸ™‚

Just not me…Β  :mrgreen:

Ps: And even worse… They ported metro to the server editions as well…

Ps: I AM looking forward to see it work on my touchpad πŸ™‚