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Today, I’ve submitted my 5th application the Windows Phone 7 marketplace 🙂

Basically, it gives you the ability to type a text message on your computer and send it to your phone for sending it to someone…

You can find some screenshots and links to the app on this project page.


I’m impressed my msdn account is still valid, so I’m happy for that 🙂 (but that’s another story)

Anyway, the app is in a pretty rough form, but it works, and it’s something you might use as well 🙂

So, it happened…
Microsoft slapped their users in the face. Again… 🙄

Apparently, if you buy a Windows Phone device today or tomorrow, you’re fucked…
If you bought a Windows Phone yesterday, you’re fucked as well…

Some guys in Redmond decided not to upgrade your phone to the new mobile operating system they presented today: Windows Phone 8.
So if you buy yourself a phone with the current wp7(.5) operating system on today, you’re immediately a dying race…

As compensation, they’re releasing something called WP7.8 (7 to 8).

This update brings the new start screen (and some other, non-disclosed features) to the current generation phones…

But this doesn’t compensate for the fact we’ll never see native apps (a feature in the new WP8 OS).
And yeah, native application development means A LOT, and we’re missing it (or we should buy a new phone…)

Microsoft did this with the change from windows mobile to wp7, and now again.

I do hate them for this…


Especially when apple announced to make IOS6 available for EVEN the 3gs…




Nevertheles: WP8 looks cool, but I’m not even considering buying a new phone for it…

I’m happy about them!

And guess what, apparently 2856 other persons on this world are as well ^^
(probably a lot less, ‘cause of idiot’s downloading random apps without reading a description…)

Remember them?

According to microsoft’s statistics they have been downloaded as much as 2856 times =)

I don’t think they’re features somewhere big… But at least they’re mentioned in Johan PeetersBelgian Apps list 🙂

Apparently, when you create a live tile, and you use an external URI to point to an image for the tile, the operating system removes the tile after a reboot…
This behaviour doesn’t occur when you use a local resource to instantiate the tile…

Just something you don’t actually know until you see it happening ^^

Jeah, it contains prefabricated sms-messages :mrgreen:

Because my previous “reloader” app was denied from the marketplace because of some weird reasons… (promoting other mobile providers) I build around this issue…

The results is PrefabSMS.

It’s an application in which you can store sms-messages, and afterwards send them with one click of a button 🙂

So, you can create a messages, let’s say “sim topup 15”, to be send to a receiving side, lets say “8989”, and you can save this in PrefabSMS 🙂

Ofcourse you can use it for other things as wel, sending “<3” to your girlfriend or “spam” to random people ^^

Some usefull numbers and messages:


I think I am the first one to create a real wake-on-lan app for WP7.

This one doesn’t use a intermediate proxy server or whatever, but opperates directely from your device thanks to the sockets in WPMango 🙂

The user interface is maybe a bit ugly 🙄

Anyway, this is how it looks:

You can download it trough the marketplace

There is an update waiting in the marketplace’s queue which brings live tiles to this app. Using them you can wake your computer with one click of a button 😎

Suggestions, comments, bug reports, … Everything is welcome here! 😀


Because of some difficulties with microsoft “certification” program I’m just going to offer you guys the Windows Phone installation file…

You can download it here, and if your device is unlocked you can run it 🙂

Maybe it will ever show up in the marketplace, but (according to microsoft’s policies) probably not…

Allright, 1 app passed certification and can be found in the marketplace: RegularDommel. (It’s just a bandwidth meter for your dommel account)

But it’s a start! =)

On the other hand, MobileVikingsReloader still fails certification…
Main reason is the following…

So what this app does is sending an sms towards the phone number of mobile vikings, just to let you know you want a top-up (also see MV’s faq)

Apparently I cannot “promote” other voice plans… Trying to get around this… Any suggestions?



Nice things:

  • speed, the entire OS is sooo fast ❤
  • browser, which is a pretty decent one
  • it IS easy to create apps, love c#!
  • some (quality) apps & games
  • fancy effects 8)
  • it works, hasn’t crashed yet! 18 days uptime
  • wonderful synchronisation with hotmail & live services

WP7 is a leap forward, but there is always a lot of comment and missing things.
Know your weaknesses!

  • decent copy paste, when you paste something it is of your clipboard. Gone, ciao, weg, verschwunden… Keep it there until I overwrite it, please!
  • decent messenger/skype/fim => in upcoming mango update due to lack of sockets in current build
  • wake on lan => same reason
  • no file transfer over bluetooth? wtf?
  • not saving of the camera options, “it’s not a bug – it’s a feature” my *ss… 😀
  • when you unlock the phone by pressing the camera button a couple of seconds, and it’s back to menu, it’s basically completely unlocked… Had this once in my pocket… So let the device check whether it’s unlocked by camera or by unlock screen. And if it was the camera-button that unlocked it, don’t let it return to the menu 😉
  • regular backup possibilities (like the backup made after the nodo-update, but regular 😆 )
  • save files with unknown extensions? come on! can’t even save pdf documents or random extensions 😛
  • file browser – thx homebrew apps for fixing this 😎
  • registery editor – same

Now, a couple of the mentions above are going to be solved in the upcoming “mango”-update. So let’s hope it becomes available quickly 😎 (September?  😕 )

Another suggestion:

  • shortcuts of, perhaps, 4 most used apps?! 🙂

What I wanted to create was an app that parsed an html site. This because this specific site doesn’t has an official api, so I needed to work around this :mrgreen:

First of all, I needed to get back “into programming”, the last time I’ve programmed was like ages ago ^^ So, back into c#, jej :mrgreen:

After some googling I learned that silverlight in .net worked with an asynchronous call for internet-activities. This ofcourse because a cellular network connection is slow, and you don’t want to stall the GUI.

The method to do this is by using a class called “WebRequest”.
The method is started by using “BeginGetRequestStream“, which starts the fetch in another thread besides the GUI.
When the data is downloaded a callback function is called, so you need to create this as well…

This resulted in some code like the one below:

private void login(string username, string password) {
//the url where we want to go, here no postdata is specified, because the site only uses the postdata in the url
string url = "" + username + "&password=" + password + "&new_language=english&submit=login";

//the initation of a request to a webpage
HttpWebRequest request = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(url);
//something for cookies between different httprequests, later more
//webrequest are handled syncronous, on completion the callback is called
IAsyncResult result = (IAsyncResult)request.BeginGetResponse(new AsyncCallback(GetStatusesCallBack), request);

//callback thread
private void GetStatusesCallBack(IAsyncResult result)
string returnValue;
//get the state of the request
var request = (HttpWebRequest)result.AsyncState;
//if completed, put respons in variable
var response = request.EndGetResponse(result);
using (var stream = response.GetResponseStream())
//a streamreader to put the html in a string
using (var reader = new StreamReader(stream))
returnValue = reader.ReadToEnd();
//a third function to update the gui :-)

For my application I needed a method to store some information (email and password). Appearantly each application is given 1MB of datastorage in a database on your phone. More info on this site:

//calling the default constructor
private IsolatedStorageSettings appSettings = IsolatedStorageSettings.ApplicationSettings;
//add a mail of a user to the windows phone database
appSettings.Add("email", "");
//to retrieve data from this db
tbResults.Text = (string)appSettings["email"];

I ran into an issue, because I used 2 different WebRequest because I need to fetch 2 different pages (1 to login, a second to get the information from). But when getting the 2nd page, the login was already gone. Probably a cookie issue. So I ran into this site which solved my problem.

//first we define a cookie container: a context where our cookies are stored:
private CookieContainer cookies = new CookieContainer();
//in the first request we recall this container
//and again in the second request we recall the same container

Then, my second application I wanted to download an image from a website. After some googling found the following method to work:

//just to easy, placing an uri as an image source
Uri uri = new Uri("http://locationofimage.jpg", UriKind.Absolute)
image1.Source = new BitmapImage(uri);

And to create a nice and simple overview I wanted to use the default windows “listbox”, but I didn’t know how to use it. Thankfully this website helped me out: